The History of Germantown Cricket Club

The Germantown Cricket Club has an extensive history that makes it among the most appealing historic wedding venues in Philadelphia. A sporting club at its heart, the Club was founded in 1854 by young Philadelphia area sportsmen interested in pursuing the increasingly popular sport of Cricket. Although many avoided the sport at the time, regular Cricket matches in the fields of Germantown soon attracted crowds of spectators and an American cricket legacy was born.

After operating over several decades and becoming the cornerstone of Germantown culture, the Cricket Club incorporated in 1880 and settled at our current on Manheim Street in 1890. Among the many characteristics that places the Germantown Cricket Club among the few truly unique wedding reception venues is our 14 acre location, which is reminiscent of a walled English estate. Moreover, this would prove to be the perfect site on which to construct a beautiful facility that would host events of international prominence.

Our Historic Sporting Heritage

Shortly after acquiring our current location, our clubhouse was built in 1891 to coincide with an increase in international cricket matches, the Germantown Cricket Club clubhouse was built in part to attract the preeminent English cricket teams. As a result, American cricket scored a historic victory when Germantown Cricket Club defeated the leading English cricket team the Lord Hawkes 11 on September 27, 1891. Moreover, our club has also contributed to the rich history of American tennis and squash, as a founding member of what was to become the USTA (United States Tennis Association) and as a host of the U.S. Lawn Tennis Championships in the 1920s as well as Davis Cup matches (1924-1927 & 1938). Among historic venues for weddings in Philadelphia, few can match such character.

Unique & Historic Philadelphia Venue

Although the Germantown Cricket Club has a rich sporting heritage, it’s our beautiful clubhouse that places us among unique wedding locations in Philadelphia. Constructed by renowned architects McKim, Mead and White, our Victorian-era facility offers a beautiful backdrop for any wedding, reception or event. Known for their “shingle style” designs, the firm constructed a building that is as beautiful as it is flexible. A classically constructed brick building, the clubhouse overlooks grounds that support a wide range of activities. Inside, there are a wide range of beautiful spaces featuring wood burning fireplaces and architectural details that set our facility apart among unique wedding and meeting venues. If you’re searching for either a historic or unique venue for your wedding reception, special event or business meeting, Germantown Cricket Club is an excellent choice.

Historic Clubhouse, Modern Amenities

In acknowledgement of  the Germantown Cricket Club’s contribution to America’s sporting heritage and it beautiful construction by historically significant architects McKim, Mead and White, we were honored in 1985 to be certified as a National Historic Landmark and placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Despite our standing as a historical landmark, Germantown Cricket Club offers a full range of amenities that make us among the most desirable historic wedding venues. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, social event or corporate meeting, you’ll find that Germantown Cricket Club is the ideal location for your Philadelphia event.