Bridal Showers

If you’re looking for a unique place to host a bridal shower in Philadelphia, the Germantown Cricket Club possess a unique combination of venue, spaces and menu that few other bridal shower venues offer. Located just minutes from Center City, the Main Line and Bala Cynwyd, our facilities combine the traditional, old world charm of a private country club with catering services and menus popular with today’s brides to deliver an exceptional bridal shower experience. If you’re searching for a Philadelphia bridal shower venue, contact us to learn more about planning an event with us.

Traditional & Themed Bridal Showers

Although considered a customary event, bridal showers are not bound by tradition and Germantown Cricket Club offers a variety of traditional and themed events that our guests continue to talk about well after the wedding. Although we’ve hosted many different types, some of the most common types of bridal showers we host include:


  • Traditional
  • Wine & Cheese
  • Tea
  • Jack & Jill

  • The Traditional Bridal Shower – Pairing well with the rich interior spaces of our classic club house, traditional bridal showers have always been a favorite among our members and guests. No matter in what season the event is held, Germantown Cricket Club has a beautiful space that’s ideal for a traditional bridal shower that accommodates gift giving, activities,  refreshments and more.
  • Wine & Cheese Tasting – A growing trend seen with many bridal showers is the use of a wine and cheese tasting theme that offers a contemporary twist on the traditional shower. Often held during the late afternoon or evening, a tasting themed bridal shower can be held in one of our well-appointed interior spaces or outside on our veranda. Guests have remarked that this option is among the more unique options they’ve seen offered by other Philadelphia bridal shower venues and certainly a favorite.
  • Afternoon Tea – Perhaps a nod to the British heritage of cricket or simply an emerging style trend, we been hosting an increasing number of afternoon tea themed bridal showers. Whether or not you’ve ever enjoyed a proper afternoon tea, you’ll feel instantly energized by this custom and find that it blends well with the more traditional aspects of the bridal shower.
  • The Jack & Jill – In a departure from the commonplace, the Jack & Jill bridal shower is becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, the inclusion of men coupled with Germantown Cricket Club’s rich sporting heritage often results in a sports themed bridal shower that’s enjoyed by all.

Bridal Shower Activities

Bridal showers often include a wide range of games and activities, which is why Germantown Cricket Club is such an excellent location for a bridal shower. For those interested in the more traditional bridal shower activities that include refreshments, gifts and party games, our private rooms create an inviting atmosphere that will bring guests together. However, guests that prefer more strenuous activities will find that they can enjoy onsite sporting pursuits that include tennis, squash, bowling and swimming. You’ll find that whatever type of bridal shower activities you desire, Germantown Cricket Club offer options that other Philadelphia bridal shower venues do not.